Hark, the Bacon Man cometh

Hark, the Bacon Man cometh

Bacon Man screen

What better food stuff is there than bacon? Unless you’re one of those pasty vegetarians, of course. It truly is the king of meat. Or is it? Skymap Games are out to prove that it should be, in their 3D platformer, Bacon Man.

King Roast Beef is dead. This leaves Bacon Man as the natural successor to the Meat Throne, but other forces have other ideas and supplant him with The Pork King. Bacon Man is imprisoned on the charge of King Roast Beef’s murder.

In an effort to clear your name, you’ll have to battle through the food groups and confront those that condemned you. Clear Bacon Man’s name, by viciously slaughtering those who placed him behind bars.

The game will use the Bacon Control System to move around tougher than nails platforming. In air or on foot, this promises to be challenging. You’ll get the opportunity to play as four unique characters, each with their own play-style. Platform with your friend in two-player couch co-op too.

Level up your character by collecting experience points, consume items and gain incredible new abilities through the tutorials. Utilise versatile and individual fighting moves like the Stinger, the Ground Pound and the Sky Diver to crush your enemies.

Each food group will also have a near-impossible boss battle to get past before prgress can be made. The title will be complemented by a full orchestral soundtrack and the ability unlock sassy costumes. All of this will be smothered in a sticky, satire-rich story. Or you could simply ignore all of the developer’s hard work and hit skip through the cut-scenes.

Red sauce, brown sauce, it’s up to you really.

Skymap Games are a four-strong team of developers based out of the New Hampshire co-working space, Game Assembly.

Bacon Man is scheduled for a 2016 release on Xbox One. Pass the sauce.


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