Harmonix announce new Rock Band 3 DLC


Do you remember, when offline multi-player gaming involved swinging plastic guitars around your waist, desperately trying to hit the right colour in time with the beat, while following the Klax-like conveyor belt of colours hurtling towards you? When your friends were similarly trying to hit the right colours, or were warbling tunelessly into a microphone, desperate for that high note?

Well, nearly two whole years after Harmonix announced that they were stopping the regular DLC content for Rock Band 3, they’ve only gone and announced a reunion tour!

Have a quick look on the Xbox Store if you have the time. The last DLC that is listed was Free Fall by Rose of Jericho, back in October 2013. Come January the 21st, that’s about to change.

So, without further ado, I’m pleased to announce that it’s time to dust off those guitars and tap that mic. Coming for your delectation soon are: Rock Band mainstays, Foo Fighters have graciously allowed “Something From Nothing” from their recent album, ‘Sonic Highway‘. Avenged Sevenfold’s “Shepherds of Fire” from the 2013 album ‘Hail To The King‘ and making their Rock Band debut are the Arctic Monkeys with “R U Mine?” from the album ‘AM‘ from 2013.

  • Foo Fighters – Something From Nothing
  • Avenged Sevenfold – Shepherds of Fire
  • Arctic Monkeys – R U Mine?

Each track will cost 99p from UK consoles, and will be available from January 21st on Xbox 360.

The main question that will be on most people in the industry’s lips, however, will be why now? Harmonix have admitted that there is definite interest in reviving the genre on the next gen consoles, something which I for one would like to see. Add this to the fact that quite a few of the licenses for older DLC will be expiring in the near future, it makes you wonder if Harmonix are testing the water for the Xbox One release of a new Rock Band series. Until then it’s time to rock out to some new Foo Fighters.

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