It’s all about the Hearts and Minds in Homefront: The Revolution

Liberate a city

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Deep Silver have published the second in their series of videos that takes a deeper look at the unique experiences of Homefront: The Revolution.

In this latest trailer you learn about the different zones of Philadelphia and what the KPA has in store for you. Retake the ruined outskirts of the city in open guerrilla warfare, liberate heavily populated areas where striking unseen is the way to survive, and hit the KPA at their bases of control to win your beloved city back.

“The battle to free Occupied Philadelphia doesn’t just happen in the bombed out streets of the Red Zone, or the high security Yellow Zone – it happens in the hearts and minds of the people!”

“You have to inspire our countrymen – lead by example, and they’ll rise up as one. Together, we can change this world…”

For more information check out the official site. Homefront: The Revolution will be released for Xbox One and PC on May 17th.

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