Heavy Fire: Shattered Spear – Budget Priced Shooter Out Now


Heavy Fire: Shattered Spear is available now for the Xbox 360 at retail from publishers Avanquest Software. This best-selling action series introduces new gameplay elements with Heavy Fire: Shattered Spear, including a multi-directional multi-cover system, sniping, night vision, new weapons and new vehicle levels, catapulting players straight into rapid-fire action.

Thisisxbox.com recently reviewed the game and scored it 6.5/10:

I can’t deny how much fun it is to play and that when you realise it’s a fun arcade-like experience at a budget price; you wouldn’t be ripped off at retail whatsoever. Gamers who are glued to first-person-shooters could just pick an endless amount of faults because the game comes across as a first person shooting experience that is missing all the freedom of control you’re used to. As an ‘on-rails’ game, it’s a more than enjoyable shooter that you wouldn’t want to let it beat you. Enemies are savage and brutal, but unless you master your aim you’re killed very quickly. As an average game with a budget price, I’m going to give it an average score.

I have noticed the game is priced differently with different retailers. I can confirm that an American import will work on a UK console as some are being sold rather cheaply on Amazon UK and Ebay UK. Other retail stores list the game for under £20 which is a bargain for this title.

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