Heavy Fire: Shattered Spear Dated Early August


Avanquest Software will be publishing Heavy Fire: Shattered Spear for Xbox 360 on August 2nd 2013. Developed by Teyon, Shattered Spear is the latest instalment in the Heavy Fire military action game series and will introduce a variety of new gameplay elements including a multi-directional multi-cover system, sniping, night vision, new distinct weapons, and new vehicle levels.

The storyline is based around a dangerous combat mission where the player’s objective is clear; prevent nuclear Armageddon. Players have to rescue a friendly spy and retrieve the secret plans to an Iranian nuclear weapons facility, before fighting their way into the enemy base. The game also uses an updated graphics engine to provide players with an engaging and realistic visual experience.

As an on-rails shooter, movement of the character is set to a pre-determined path, leaving players free to concentrate on aiming and firing their weapons. This makes it perfect for casual gamers looking to try out a first person shooter experience.

Other features include a co-op mode that supports up to four players and over 60 unlockable achievements for achievement hunters out there.