Hitman July Content Announced

It may come as a surprise to some of you, but I flipping love Hitman. IO Interactive, now the owners of the Hitman IP, have announced the July content coming for Agent 47. This is the 16th consecutive month of new free content that has been released, which is stunning!

So, whats available? Travis from IO Interactive has announced the following!

“This month is a bit special because it brings the final Elusive Target for Season One. On top of that, we have a new Escalation Contract in Sapienza, a fresh (and super-sized) batch of Featured Contracts and the July game update.
The first content to arrive on 7th July is this month’s Escalation Contract; The Hamartia Compulsion. This Escalation Contract is the 12th that we have released for Sapienza and challenges you with 5 different stages. Expect three different targets, a sticky pistol complication and a few other surprises.

Once you have completed all 5 stages, earned the corresponding challenge and Mastery XP, we’ve lined up a bumper selection of Featured Contracts for July.
Contracts Mode allows you to create your own contracts and share them with friends, adding to the already insane replay-ability offered across all locations. Every month, we pick out the best of the Contracts that have been submitted, shared with us or that we’ve seen discussed among our players.
15 new Featured Contracts will be added to the game on 7th July and this week’s featured contract creators are… Quinez, Spodeq, AGENT4T7, BernardoOne, Euler 13, Gule, Pagan, GKPunk, Urben, Ed ll3, Niobium, immadummee, Silverballer, SnakeGun and Mendietinha.
Our July content will be released over a few different dates. The final Elusive Target for Season One will arrive later in the month and will be on the Marrakesh Bonus mission; A House Built on Sand. As the contract is in Marrakesh, you’ll unlock the Summer Suit with Gloves if this is the first ET you complete in Marrakesh. Equally, if you earn your first SA rating for this ET, you’ll unlock the Terminus Suit. Check the challenges in-game to see what suits you can still unlock through Elusive Targets, all depending on how many of the previous Elusive Targets you’ve completed.
We are also planning a game update for this month. We’ll have details to share and full release notes closer to when we’re releasing it.”

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