For Honor free to play ahead of Order & Havoc

For Honor is getting the free to play treatment and hosting a free weekend beginning on 4pm GMT November 9th through till 6:59am November 13th for all you lucky Xbox Live Gold Members. It’s to celebrate season four, Order & Havoc which launches on November 14th.

Order & Havoc brings Two new dangerous heroes to shake up the stakes on the battlefield. The nimble Aramusha joins the Samurai faction, whilst the ferocious Shaman joins the Vikings. Each Hero bring new fighting styles to the fray and new strategies to the party. In addition to the new heroes there will be two new maps to conquer, as well as two new modes, which will be free to all players, offering new proving grounds to test their skill and might.

The Aramusha is a hybrid hero, wielding two katanas to strike swiftly and deflect their opponents’ blows. Donning an iconic low-brimmed hat, The Aramusha is quick to punish any opponents who misstep.

The Shaman wields two blades, a hatchet and a dagger, and uses them with deadly precision. She’s an assassin hero, and her speed is complemented by an aggressive move set that sees her pouncing on enemies like a wild beast and gaining strength when her opponents are actively bleeding.

Both heroes will be released for Season Pass holders on November 14, and will be available for all other players to unlock on November 21 for 15,000 Steel each.

The two new free modes that are included in the season named Order & Havoc, come in the form of Tribute and Ranked Dominion mode.

Tribute is a 4v4 objective-based mode, in which players fight to claim three offerings and return them to their team’s shrines. Each of your three shrines will activate a different buff for your team, and choosing which shrine to place your offering in can tip the scales for your team. Will you juice your team’s attack power? Bestow a regenerating shield on your allies? Or reveal the enemy players’ positions for your whole team to see? You’ll need to defend your shrines, hunt down offerings in the field, and steal from the enemy team’s shrines if you hope to claim victory in Tribute.


Ranked Dominion will be available following the launch of Season 4. Now you and your team of heroes can rise through the ranks and earn glory for all to see (as well as some sweet in-game loot to boot).

The new heroes, Tribute mode, and two new maps (Market Town and The Gauntlet) all arrive with the launch of Order & Havoc on November 14.

This free weekend includes access to all the content released for the game thus far, which means every multiplayer mode (playable versus human players or bots), the full campaign (playable solo or with a co-op ally), and the chance to build up any of the game’s 16 heroes, including the new heroes released in previous seasons (who are unlockable for 15,000 Steel each).

Should you want to stay in the fight for the launch of Season Four, Ubisoft will be offering discounts of up to 60% off digital For Honor content through the Microsoft Store.

Can’t wait to see the new Heroes and new modes in action? tune in to the Season 4 Livestream Reveal on on November 11th.

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