For Honor to get dedicated servers

As For Honor enters the second half of 2017, Ubisoft are gearing up for 2018 by rolling out some big changes to the game. The biggest change – dedicated servers – have been long awaited (and requested) by fans, with peer-to-peer issues plaguing the game since launch.

While we wait for dedicated servers, the team remain dedicated to implemented changes to increase the stability of peer-to-peer, which has seen a vast improvement over the course of updates the game has received since launch.

For Honor will also get several new modes, including a training mode to hone your skills without being punished by skilled online players. Competitive play will receive duel tournament and ranked 4v4 matches, and a new unannounced 4v4 PvP game mode.

“Since launch, our team has worked diligently to identify and correct issues that were not apparent with our testing and live phases,” said Roman Campos-Oriola, Creative Director of For Honor. “The For Honor roadmap is how we plan to build a stronger game through elements like dedicated servers. We are committed to our players and look to offer long-term support for the game.”

The next For Honor seasons are due to kick off in August and November, and will launch with numerous game balancing tweaks, new heroes, maps and gear – check out the proposed season details in this handy graphic: