Hot Rods reported tearing up the streets in Ventura Bay

The team behind Need for Speed have just released information on a huge update that will hit consoles on March 3rd and it brings with it the answers to many people’s wish lists. The key features of the new update as are follows.

  • Manual Transmission – announced several weeks ago it has now been confirmed that this will be in the next update giving you better control of your car and maybe the edge over your competitors.
  • Hot Rods – two fully customisable Hot Rods will be hitting the streets.
  • Drag Racing – Inspired by earlier Need for Speed titles, Drag racing puts you side by side with your opponent, the ultimate speed fix.
  • The Warehouse – yes it’s finally here, and you will have an extra 5 spaces to store you much-loved cars.
  • Wrap Editor Improvements – Decal coordinate system, Text Decal editor and general improvements.
  • Three new achievements and trophies – Drag Queen, Wrap it up and Kustom Kar.

Add to this the general tweaks to gameplay and more campaigns for rep, cash and discounts, and March is looking like a good month for the Need for Speed community. For more information check out the patch notes.


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