How To Buy Kung-Fu High Impact If You’re From The UK

If you’ve been stuck at a loose end with your Kinect Sensor and wondering if there ever was going to be a game that can tick all the boxes for being Fun, Entertaining, Great Visuals, less child orientated and something that truly puts you personally in the game as you not only become the controller – but the character too, then Kung-Fu High Impact should rank at the top of your list for the must-have Kinect game…

…and although we reviewed Kung-Fu High Impact last year and rated it 9/10 because it was one of the best Kinect games we have ever played, that truly puts YOU directly in the game – never made it to UK shores…but there is another way – importing!

On the Official website for Kung-Fu High Impact the following is detailed as the best purchasing options:

Buy from Finland: send e-mail to sales[at] with your full name, address, telephone, e-mail, the name of the game, and number of units to buy. The price is €21.90 + €10 postage (about £27 total).

But from via this direct link.

It has also been confirmed that Kung-Fu High Impact will be available from the Games on Demand Marketplace in a few months time, but with Microsoft’s digital download store on the Xbox 360 being known for it’s high prices – you still might be better off importing from Finland for the cheaper option.

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