How to Fix Broken Zune Marketplace on Xbox LIVE

It has been reported to us that many Xbox LIVE users who have downloaded the new metro style (Windows 8/Windows Phone 7-ish) dashboard are having difficulties launching the Zune Video Marketplace app. The problem seems to be that when trying to launch the video rental service, the screen repeatedly tries to re-install the application – or worse still keep a black screen with “Launching Zune Marketplace” visible to tease you into thinking it’s about to load anytime soon.

Whilst having a broken Zune Marketplace might save you some money (every cloud…), for others it is proving frustrating and we have the steps below to enable you to fix this problem and get you back into the service.

The problem is caused by a corrupt file in your console storage options, so head on over to System > Storage > Devices > Hard Drive > Games & Apps > then scroll down to Zune. Look for a corrupted file with a yellow icon and simply delete it, then head back onto the Dashboard and browse across to Video or Apps and launch the Zune Video Marketplace to correct your issue.

Now everything is fixed, the issue is caused by conflicting files from when you had the old dashboard and the newer App’s on the current dashboard…

…enjoy your movies again!

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