How to Prepare and Pass VMware 2V0-622 Exam on Your First Try?

How to Prepare and Pass VMware 2V0-622 Exam on Your First Try?

VMware is at the forefront in provisioning of virtualization technologies and cloud computing software and services. It’s one of the most preferred IT service providers around the world. VMware has also made a name for itself as a dependable vendor for certifications and exams. The company prepares newbies and seasoned professionals to handle technical tasks associated with VMware products and services. 

One of the major areas that VMware focuses on is the vSphere, a popular VMware server virtualization software. This software helps organizations in running, managing, connecting, and securing their applications across cloud-based environments. To help organizations carry out these functions successfully, VMware administers training and certification exams that equip professionals with the necessary skills. There are two main credentials related to data center virtualization:

  • VCP6.5-DCV or VMware Certified Professional 6.5 – Data Center Virtualization
  • VCP-DCV 2019 or VMware Certified Professional – Data Center Virtualization 2019

These credentials require you to pass one foundation and one professional test to attain a qualification. Below we will focus on professional-level 2V0-622 exam which is included in both these certification tracks. 

AboutVMware 2V0-622 Exam 

A candidate for this professional-level VMware exam must demonstrate the skills needed in installing, scaling, deploying, and managing the environments of VMware vSphere 6.5. You should also be able to manage, configure, and install vCenter server, virtual machines, and ESXi hosts using the required VMware tools. 

The exam is designed for candidates who have an experience of 6 months implementing vSphere and over 1 year in the IT industry, and can install, configure, monitor, and manage vSphere solutions.

VMware 2V0-622 Exam Details

  • Exam format: proctored
  • Questions: single-choice and multiple-choice 
  • Number of questions: 70
  • Duration: 105 minutes
  • Pass score: 300 points
  • Exam Cost: $250

2V0-622 exam validates your ability to carry out the following technical tasks:

  • Administering and configuring vSphere 6.x security
  • Administering and configuring vSphere 6.x networking 
  • Administering and configuring vSphere 6.x storage
  • Upgrading the deployment of vSphere to 6.x
  • Administering and managing the resources of vSphere 6.x 
  • Backing up and recovering the deployment of vSphere
  • Troubleshootingthe deployment of vSphere
  • Deploying and customizing the ESXi hosts
  • Administering and configuring vCenter availability solutions and vSphere 
  • Administering and managing vSphere virtual machines


How to Prepare and Pass VMware 2V0-622 Exam

Preparing for exams is usually an anxious moment for every candidate. The main reason for this is that candidates usually do not know where to start, what resources to use, and what reliable strategies to apply during exam preparation. There’s no one specific strategy that guarantees passing 2V0-622 test. However, below we’re going to share with you some dependable study resources to pass your 2V0-622 exam. 

  1. Understand Skills Measured by Exam 2V0-622

Once you have made up your mind to take VMware 2V0-622 exam, the next step is to know what the test entails. You can only study for an exam whose objectives you’re familiar with. The VMware website has all the details of 2V0-622 exam including the list of the skills measured and retake policy. 

  1. Take Recommended Training

VMware recommends that you enroll in the training that is administered by one of their authorized trainers. This approach would give you a deeper insight into the exam objectives and allow you to master the required skills faster. Guidance from a qualified instructor is crucial when preparing for any VMware exam. You can find a training course for your 2V0-622 test on the official VMware website.

  1. Test Drive a VMware vSphere Environment

Practicing with the VMware hands-on labs is another great way to prepare for your 2V0-622 exam. These labs offer you an opportunity to interact with the products that the exam focuses on. At the end of this training, you will master the practical skills needed to pass your exam as well as offer solutions in a real-world environment. 

  1. Test Your Exam Readiness with Practice Tests

This is another reliable exam preparation trick. If you want to know whether you have mastered the knowledge and skills required, then the solution is to use practice tests. These tests, also popularly called exam dumps, are available online for download. They provide a reliable way to know if are ready for the challenge. The good thing is that there are no limits to the number of times that you can practice with these tests. 

If you are looking for consistent exam dumps for 2V0-622 exam, then visit PrepAway website. Files form PrepAway have been designed to ensure that your exam prep is smooth and thorough. They are frequently updated and verified by exam experts – that’s why they are always relevant.

  1. Take a Video Training Course from VMware Learning Zone

There are 154 training videos in the VMware Certification Exam Prep: VCP6.5 – Data Center Virtualization v6.5 Exam (2V0-622/2V0-622D) course. With this course, you’ll get a deeper coverage of 2V0-622 exam objectives as well as tips to pass your exam. You’ll also have the benefit of being trained by a VMware certified instructor. 

  1. Study with VMware 2V0-622 eBook

VMware books or study guides usually contain all the information necessary to succeed in the exams. A book like the VCP6-DCV Official Cert Guide (Exam #2V0-621) will help you learn the required concepts at your own pace. With this book, you’ll also have access to quizzes and exam prep questions.

  1. Use VMware Technology Network

Being part of the VMware Technology Network enables you to interact with other candidates and professionals preparing for the same exam as you. You can ask questions, share ideas, and learn from what others share. The information offered in the VCP Community website is moderated by certified staff from VMware, which makes this forum valuable and reliable. 


Ensure your success in VMware 2V0-622 exam by using the abovementioned exam preparation resources and strategies. Allocate enough time for revision and focus on your studies. Earning your VCP6.5-DCV or VCP-DCV 2019 certification is only possible through the dedication and hard work!