ID@Xbox announce new eSports title


Over in San Francisco, the Game Developers Conference is in full-swing and Microsoft have released and absolute bucket-load of ID@Xbox program content from the first round of announcements.

The PHL Collective have announced through this program, a new eSports game, similar in gameplay to the already addictive #IDARB. Comically named Clusterpuck 99, this up to 8 local player party game should be set to take the ID program by storm. Simple in it’s conception, yet looking thoroughly addictive to play.

Choose from over 20 different arenas to bash the puck out of your friends’ grasp and control it all the way to your opponent’s goal. This also includes an all-new level editor, exclusively for the Xbox One version.

Jump in, bash your friends, score goals, all with a comical puck-shaped hat on. What more could you want?

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