ID@Xbox throwing down the Gear Gauntlet


I love it when UK developers announce games. There is so much talent in this fair country that is unrecognised, it’s untrue. It’s even better to find some of that talent in my own fair city. Drop Dead Interactive have been making games since 2010 and officially since 2012, releasing some on the XBLIG scene. Based in Nottingham, DDI have announced their first ID@Xbox title, Gear Gauntlet, coming soon to Xbox One.

The premise of the game is simple. There are no heroes, no maidens to rescue, just you and all you have to do is survive. Guide your gear through the levels, in a game that looks deceptively simple, yet is bound to be one of those games that will have you tearing your hair out and will leave your controller at risk of a rage injury.

Have a look at the announcement trailer and let us know if you’ll be supporting UK Indie talent in the comments below.

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