ID@Xbox title SkyKeepers gets March release date

ID@Xbox title SkyKeepers gets March release date


When Microsoft announced the ID@Xbox program, a small part of me rejoiced at not having to go through some of the utter dross of the old Indie scene that contained some incredibly questionable content. Canadian-based Sword Twin Studios are one of a new generation of Indie developers to take advantage of the ID program to release great-looking titles to the Xbox masses. SkyKeepers is one of those titles.

SkyKeepers is a 2D action platformer following the journey of village chief, Tangi. He desperately fights to reclaim both his world and life. Seamlessly chain together various attacks and combinations, launching enemies skyward. When they’re airborne, teleport to your still-soaring foes to relentlessly pummel them in mid-air. Once you’ve seen them off, use the materials left behind to repair the once great SkyKeeper Village. As the village grows, Tangi will unlock new attacks and skills to allow for new and unique fighting styles.

Offering stunning visuals and a unique journey through a fantasy world inspired by Austronesian culture, SkyKeepers is the story of a tragic accident that spirals Tangi into despair, turning him to stone. Unprotected, the village suffers countless waves of hostile spirits attacking it. A year passes before Tangi awakes, emerging from his skin of stone to discover the devastation left behind. Collecting his axe, he must conquer the demons of these lands to rebuild his village and ultimately, himself.

SkyKeepers features a story exploring what it takes to overcome great difficulties and tragedy. This story helps to knit the clever and sharply designed combat that should be fun for everyone from new players to experienced brawlers. Rebuild your village and become stronger, all presented in a distinctive and charming 2D art style.

SkyKeepers will hit the Xbox store from the 28th of March, priced $14.99 or equivalent.