If You Like Technology – Meet N3RDABL3


To kick off our new feature of showcasing some of the best technology and gaming websites from around the net, let us introduce to you a 2012 start-up for all things techie – n3rdabl3.co.uk

The concept

n3rdabl3 (pronounced ‘nerdable’ for those interested) began at the beginning of 2012. Founded by Aaron Richardson with a great team of writers, the aim is to provide readers with content about nerdy things, gadgets, gaming and technology. The initial concept for n3rdabl3 first started out as a personal tumblr blog, but in wanting to be serious, more dedicated and to market n3rdabl3 as more of a website than a personal tech blog, Aaron is working on getting a team on board to help write/develop and expand the site into something bigger and better.

The Future

In the future Aaron and his team are aiming to make n3rdabl3 something of a household name when it comes to gaming and technology, He is aiming high and is hoping that anyone he takes on board will have the same ambition.

n3rdabl3 covers all current gaming consoles including the upcoming OUYA, as well as all mobile platforms, and regular features. It’s not just covering a great range of content that made n3rdabl3 stand out for thisisxbox, but also their focus on ‘tips and tricks’ to engage their readers with useful help about the technology they know and love.

There are future give-away’s, competitions and collaborations in the works, so why not bookmark, visit and completely check out their website with this link


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