Increase your Xbox One HDD with the official Seagate Game Drive


Is your Xbox One HDD getting a tad full? There are numerous options to increase the size of your HDD but until now there hasn’t been an official Xbox branded option.

I’ve already increased my Xbox One’s storage, and went with an external 2TB HDD – it’s tucked away behind my TV – so having a ‘branded’ external drive isn’t at the top of my priority list, and the green of the official drive would stick out like a sore thumb.

My external drive happens to be a 2TB Seagate, although I opted for the model that has its own power supply, whereas the official Xbox Seagate Game Drive is powered through a USB lead and is a lot smaller than the model I bought, making it far more portable and a great option to be able to take your game collection to a friend’s house.

Check out the product page over at Seagate.

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