Infinite Warfare disc needed to play Modern Warfare Remastered

Hands up whose excited for Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered? Of that show of hands, who will be buying Infinite Warfare just for Modern Warfare Remastered? And finally, if your hand is still raised, who will be trading Infinite Warfare in right away? Well, think again, this small print may just ruin your plans.

Charlie Intel has spotted the wording on the game’s official website that states that the Infinite Warfare disc must be inserted before you can play the remaster! Looks like those buggers at Activision have thought of everything – shame they aren’t confident in selling their title without tempting those that so desperately crave the Modern Warfare Remaster!

I’m sure the game will eventually make its way out onto the Xbox Store once the initial COD faithful have bought copies and Activision have made enough dollar to continue not giving a damn – am I bitter? – you bet I am!

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