InnerSpace gameplay teaser revealed


PolyKnight Games have been busy creating their first game. After a lot of hard work, they have released a gameplay teaser trailer of the curious exploration game, InnerSpace.

No, this isn’t a movie tie-in for a film starring Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid. InnerSpace is an exploration flying game inspired by the character-driven narratives of titles such as Journey, Proteus and Grow Home. InnerSpace began as a project among college friends and evolved into a successful Kickstarter campaign. Welcome to the Inverse where your greatest journey is within.

For as long as they can remember, the people of the Inverse have looked down at the sky, to the locked door of the Ancients, and wondered: What is beyond? For ages they have lived here, built their cities around the mysterious megalithic ruins of the ones who came before. Amid such mystery and grandeur, the people know only one thing for certain: Once, a long time ago, gods lived here.

Now, at long last, an archaeologist of the Inverse has unlocked the door of the Ancients. As his cartographer, it is your purpose to soar through the virgin skies, dive into lost oceans and chart the unknown. In a mind-bending world of inverted physics, discover relics of the past and uncover the true history of the Inverse, and what that holds for its people, its gods and its future.

InnerSpace is a game about exploration, about player-driven moments both small and huge. The ethos about InnerSpace is all about taking your time. Soar through the skies and dive into the oceans, the secrets of Inverse will reveal themselves. Search the relics of the Ancients that will uncover key information about the civilisations that once were, as well as provide technological upgrades to your glider.

InnerSpace will feature an ephemeral art style and a relaxing electronic musical score. It promises to deliver a thoughtful, provocative flying experience unlike any other.

Explore the Inverse in InnerSpace, coming to Xbox One this summer.

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