Iron Sky: Invasion Review

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Iron Sky: Invasion has just reached EU shores and we have the opportunity to now review the game developed by Reality Pump and published by TopWare Interactive. It is the official video game to accompany the 2012 feature film ‘Iron Sky’ and features a whole host of space invading Nazi’s to shake your rockets at whilst gazing at the planet Earth which sits prominently in full view.

If you are not familiar with the ‘Iron Sky’ movie that hit cinemas last April, why should you consider buying the video game based upon its events more than a year later – well the best answer to that is don’t! Firstly you’ll be hard-pressed to find it almost anywhere except Amazon online it seems with perhaps many retailers knowing how damn bad this game is. Before getting on to the details, for a full priced retail game if you wanted to install it to the HDD it only requires just over 800mb, a lot less than your average decent Xbox LIVE Arcade game. That should by now cause alarm bells for you if you think that most retail games vary from 4GB to 7GB.


Iron Sky: Invasion is not a full videogame adaption scene by scene, but more of a plot-line expansion based upon having to defend the planet Earth from the Nazi spaceships in the year 2018 that have been hiding on the Moon in space since 1945! The main campaign is best described as a flight simulator in space with tiny RPG-esque elements; it’s also just a space environment with an upgradable or changeable space ship that you take control of, shoot at the Nazi invaders – then job done. If you don’t shoot well enough or aim accurately you eventually die. That’s basically the premise of the game from beginning to end with a few save points in the middle, and looking at the constant bleak darkness of space over and over and over is depressing. It feels like a really cheap and nasty PC game with no purpose other than to fly around and shoot things, but lacking in action, excitement and drama. 99.9% of all your gaming time will be orbiting Earth from the cockpit of your vehicle – and where the RPG style elements come into play is when you have to start thinking about upgrades, cash, enhancements and trading salvaged equipment from enemy ships. If in the heat of all that dullness you start to feel confused about what you’re actually doing, there is a HUD display and Mission Log to fight the boredom by giving you something else to look at and read.

Adding a little bit of challenge to the mix is when you take on the objective of collecting objects, some of the salvageable collectibles left over from a space war will be marked on your radar with often a race against time to collect them before they are lost in space forever. I know I am not really portraying the game to be all that great, as it really isn’t and would be an absolute waste of money unless you were a total fan of the movie, but even then you would be likely to have moved on since 2012. Not only is the gameplay awful, the game visually disgusting, but as most bad things come in three’s (as the saying goes) this has the most ridiculous cut scenes with noticeable bad acting. Using real actors from the movie, it just looks like each and every one is reading from an auto-cue whilst aiming to see who can stop blinking the longest.


With such little content to review, such a bad vile game that should never have been made, it goes without question that I have to score this the lowest possible. Nothing at all in it to enjoy and considered way overpriced. Iron Sky: Invasion is more suited to the Xbox LIVE Arcade where for around 800 MS Points you’d feel less ripped off.

Absolutely dreadful and despicable. Can we say the word Shit in a review… oh we just did!

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