Ironcast announced for Xbox One

Ironcast announced for Xbox One


Fads are funny aren’t they? The current “in-thing” is for stuff to be Steampunk. That curious melding of Victorian brass and levers and modern day technology. Steamworld Dig, Unmechanical Extended, Clockwork, it’s a great time to be a gaming fan of the Steampunk genre.

Guildford based indie developer Dreadbit Games, one-man kick-start-up Daniel Leaver, has announced that the Steam release Ironcast will be coming to Xbox One. Daniel was part of the team behind the immensely popular LittleBIGPlanet series and decided in 2014 to bring his considerable experience to bear on his own development.

Ironcast, set in an alternative Steampunk Britain, is that development.

The game sees you pit your customisable mech against the enemies of the country in pitched battle on the streets of Victorian London. Power up, repair, defend and attack with your mech by powering up the central nodes with a jem-matching style board in the centre of the gameplay arena.

Each mech is upgradeable, either by salvaging what you can from your defeated opponents or by purchasing new parts from the hangar bay.

Ironcast is currently looking to release this year sometime, as ever, keep your eyes peeled here for more.