Is Activision Behind

Is Activision Behind

Since yesterday’s news that Activision has secured the Black Ops 2 domain name, Fusible’s reporting team have further discovered that the domain name could be a domain set to be used by Activision for some kind of publicity stunt (maybe) – anyone remember the GKNOVA6 site before the launch of Black Ops?

It could have been created by a teasing Call of Duty fanboy, or some Battlefield 3 player who is about to unleash his fury at all Call of Duty related games by redirecting visitors to another website…not like we haven’t seen that before either! However, there is something interesting in the DNS records that could indicate this is closer to home in Activisions direction.

Not only is the registered address for the domain set to Activisions Santa Monica location, but the domain servers for is exactly the same for Activisions owned which is hosted by Cotendo. Cotendo’s Site Acceleration Suite delivers high-performance acceleration of dynamic, static, and secure content, intelligent load balancing, performance monitoring, real-time control & reporting services for high-end and/or high profile organisations – a little too in depth for your average fan boy.

Speculation is now rife with rumors suggesting Project Iron Wolf could be an internal beta name for the next Treyarch developed Call of Duty, or a forthcoming domain for a publicity stunt. was registered by a guy named: George Pharell, if anyone would like to provide us with more information should they know him in the Santa Monica area – please feel free to send him in our direction…

Source: Fusible

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