Issues identified in MotoGP 15


It hit the Xbox One today, but already, Milestone’s MotoGP 15 has suffered some technical issues that might put riders into the pits for a short while.

In a press release today, the Italian based developer confirmed that it had discovered some issues in the Xbox One version of the motorcycle racer and that they were working hard to produce and release a patch close to the release.

Luisa Bixio, Vice President of Milestone confirmed;

With the latest tests, we noticed that the Xbox One version could be affected with some known bugs. For this reason we’re working really hard to bring a patch close to Day 1 release in order to fix all the possible issues and the best experience for our players. As always our customer support is completely at players’ disposal in the event of possible issues.

There are no plans to delay the release date of June the 24th for MotoGP 15.

Gamers with concerns or issues can contact Milestone’s customer support, here.

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