Toy Odyssey

It’ll soon be time to go on a Toy Odyssey

Toy Odyssey

How many games can you name that have been made by Vietnamese developers? Without checking, I can’t think of any. Until now. Hiker Games are to release, with the help of Digital Smash, their procedurally generated platformer, Toy Odyssey: The Lost and The Found on Xbox One in the next week.

Toy Odyssey has been shown around the since March this this year. Back then it was under the title of ToyQuest and has undergone a little name-change in the interim.

The game will feature a very deep story and gameplay according to the publishers. You’ll play as Brand. Brand is an action figure who tries to save his owner, Felix, from impending darkness.

Arm Brand with common household items and solve the many mysteries contained within the house to prevent powerful nightmares taking over.

It will borrow heavily from different genre in order to bring you it’s procedurally-generated levels which should offer huge re-playability. You can expect to see hints of Metroidvania, some Rogue-lite elements and a whole pile of action platforming.

Toy Odyssey will feature over 300 enemy toys to defeat, including tanks, origami cranes and deadly toy soldiers. There are hundreds of upgradable items and weapons, complimenting a crafting system. All of these will be needed to defeat the seven ‘aged 13 and up’ boss stages that will have you reaching for the long-life batteries.

There will also be a touch of base defense to the title. As you explore the other parts of the house, the bedroom is left undefended. Brand will need to find the right materials to build a suitable defence from the darkness, protect your precious companions and prevent further nightmares.

The game will also feature over 30,000 lines of skippable voice dialogue to enhance the 8-bit and 16-bit inspired artwork.

So, when can you get your sticky paws on Toy Odyssey? It’ll be case fresh and mint in box from the 21st of September.

Here’s a snippet of gameplay to be going on with.