Jane’s Advanced Strike Fighters Out Now

The action flight simulator Jane’s Advanced Strike Fighters from Evolved Games and Koch Media is now available across the UK. With all the hype for Mass Effect 3, you might have actually forgotten that other games are being released this Friday!

Jane’s Advanced Strike Fighters offers 16 campaign missions over a territory of 65,000 square kilometers with mountains, deserts, and urban landscapes. Besides the single-player campaign, various multiplayer modes for up to 16 players in challenging free for all battles will naturally offer plenty of re-playability – or if you don’t want to tackle the campaign alone, up to four players can cooperate to work through the campaign missions together.

While playing Jane’s Advanced Strike Fighters, gamers can take a seat in the cockpit of 30 different types of fighter jets from the USA, Russia, Europe and China. The game contains aircrafts from the last 30 years and considers the technical specifics of each warplane as well as the different roles that indicate its use, such as fighter jets, ground attack airplanes and multirole warplanes.

Jane’s Advanced Strike Fighters is now available for Xbox 360, Windows PC, and Sony PlayStation 3. Look out for our review soon.

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