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Joystick Labs Provides Funds With Benefits for Budding Dev’s

Joystick Labs (, an innovative accelerator program dedicated to the success of startup video game studios, announced today that their 2012 program will begin on August 20 with an application deadline of May 25.

Joystick Labs provides funding and mentorship for aspiring game development teams through a unique 12-week program in Durham, North Carolina. Since its inception in 2010, Joystick Labs has funded and mentored seven startup game studios, including:

  • Lab Rats Studio, a team with no previous experience, who launched their critically-acclaimed iOS title M.U.S.E. in January 2012
  • Nix Hydra Studio, another team that started with no game development experience and has since received significant angel funding to develop their first title, The Wishing World
  • Mighty Rabbit Studios, whose iOS title Saturday Morning RPG will launch in February 2012
  • Wefiends, whose iOS title We Make Movie s will launch in March 2012

Joystick Labs is looking for great teams with innovative game ideas, regardless of previous development experience. For each company selected, we provide funding, mentoring, support and introductions to publishers and other influencers in the game development community. The shared experience with other new studios in the 12-week program establishes a creative cauldron that benefits everyone involved.

At the Game Developers Conference next month in San Francisco, Joystick Labs will participate in the panel “Financing Options for Smaller Games” on Thursday at 2:30 p.m. Development teams participating in GDC Play and Game Connection can sign up on those websites for meetings with Joystick, and other teams can directly contact Joystick Labs for meetings.

In addition, Joystick will host a free webinar on Wednesday April 4 at 3:00 p.m. EST. The session will give game developers an overview of Joystick Labs’ application process and selection criteria and the advantages of participating in their accelerator program. In addition, developers from previous Joystick Labs’ programs will be present to discuss their experiences.

The application process opens March 6 and concludes May 25. Due to the competitive nature of the screening process, applicants are strongly encouraged to apply by the “early decision” deadline of May 1, giving them the benefit of an extended review period.

Interested developers can learn more, apply to Joystick Labs’ 2012 session and confirm their attendance at the information session by

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