JRPG Stranger of Sword City coming to Xbox 360

Xbox 360

Stranger of Sword City

Experience, Inc recently released  the news that they are working on a dungeon RPG called Stranger of Sword City, and it’s planned for release on Xbox 360 (and PC). This is pretty big news considering most JRPG’s are only released on the PS3.

There is no news however that this title will receive a western release.  JRPG’s that do get released to us here in the West have stood out, with titles like Lost Odyssey being pretty good and having a cult(like) following. We’ll have to wait until February 14th to find out if we’ll get our hands on the game, but check out the trailer below in the mean time.

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  • Bigby Wolf

    i want!

  • Agreed. It always bugs me the PS3 gets all the JRPG’s so I’m looking forward to a (hopefully) Western release for this.