Just Cause 2 meets Battlefield 4


Here’s another Kickstarter project with an Xbox One planned release should they reach their first “stretch goal”. JetGetters is a fighter hi-jacking game from the creators of No Time To Explain. To be put really simply, it’s all about flying high in the sky and hijacking other players’ vehicles mid-air. Which actually, sounds kind of cool.

Unfortunately it only has 12 days to go and just under $25,00 yet to be promised if we are to see it released on Xbox One. Watch the video, read the details and if you decide JetGetters is something you’d like to see released on Xbox One, head on over to their Kickstarter page right here.

  • Players on both teams fly out of their base in fighter jets, and shoot each other.
  • At any time you can eject into the sky, and free-fall through the air, aiming and shooting
  • Skydiving, you can continue to shoot, or zip towards an enemy and hijack them, throwing them out into the sky and saving you from falling to your death.
  • You don’t lose any points for wrecking a jet, so have fun launching them at people, crashing them, taking risks, or ditching a damaged one. Jet fighters are an infinite resource
  • If you’re freefalling with no enemies nearby, try calling a teammate to catch you in mid­air!
  • You can surf a teammate’s jet and shoot behind them, or repair them to help out. If you want to both eject out and swap vehicles: go nuts!
  • You can hijack not only jets, but missiles and other air-borne items too! Try steering them away, or back at an enemy, or towards a large group, or towards a team-mate.

JetGetters Early gameplay video:

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