Killer Instinct: Aria trailer

DLC Trailers Xbox One


The final character in the season 2 roster of Killer Instinct arrived 29/5/15 for Ultra Combo edition owners and will arrive 4/6/15 for Combo Breaker edition holders. The CEO of ultratech is coming to dish out some serious damage to all that oppose her! Aria was showcased at Combo Breaker 2015 hosted by Delriach and Keits through the teamspOOky twitch channel, Check out the Aria presentation here.

Iron Galaxy have done its fans proud by bringing their A game this season and giving the fans a lot of new things to enjoy, Even though the last character has now dropped we still have a full story mode and Aria’s classic costume to look forward to. Explore the new shadows mode to put a version of your self out in the wild to fight other roaming shadows and rack up the points, Getting to many loses against a certain character? Fight against that character more so your shadow learns how to deal with those situations! 

FPS fanatic, huge battlefield fan! When I am not wielding some sort of virtual firearm (not very often), I can be found in the dojo in Killer Instinct, biding time and polishing techniques to conquer the world.