Killer Instinct Season 3 changes detailed

Killer Instinct World Cup

Kicking off the Killer Instinct World Cup, there was a fairly large segment about the nerfs and buffs that every character within the game would be receiving. There is a full list available over with the folks at Ultra-Combo and also there’s a video on Maximilian Dood’s Youtube channel, featuring all of the Season One characters. Here are some of the reasons as to why the game is undergoing the changes that it is;

  • We want to encourage player creativity in play styles, setups, and combos.
  • Playing any character in KI should be a way to express yourself. The things you find aren’t just flashy, they are practical for in-match use.
  • We want to adjust the existing characters for balance against the Season 3 roster, while also giving players sticking with Season 1 or Season 2 characters new tools to explore.
  • We want to further tune the concept of Risk vs Reward within our Combo and Breaker systems, and on each individual character.
  • This is a significant balance shake up, so anything can happen!
  • Character changes are generally listed in a nerfs first, buffs last order where logical. If your favorite character lost some stuff, stay calm until the end, as you’ve probably gained some, too.

What do you think of the changes, will they make for a better balance in the game?

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