Kinect 2.0 Dev Kits in Circulation – Game Development Underway

Kinect 2.0 Dev Kits in Circulation – Game Development Underway


Microsoft has set the wheels in motion with the future of Kinect by circulating dev kits to select studios to release games in time for the sensors release. It’s never been made 100% clear if the future of Kinect is upgradable on current-gen Xbox 360 consoles (since it must be for Windows PC’s), or if Kinect 2.0 is for next-gen Xbox only?

Either way, according to CVG, a developer has learned that Microsoft has briefed a number of studios on future plans for Kinect and studio’s across Europe are developing the games that will launch with the system. It’s a good assumption that Microsofts own studio, Rare, will be well and truly in the development of something super sporty for next-gen.

Recently, Microsoft unveiled “IllumiRoom” – a project where the appearance and the geometry of the room (as captured by Kinect) can adapt projected visuals in real-time and display them using a projector to immerse you even more into the game that you’re playing. This hasn’t (yet) been announced as a confirmed next-gen experience, but the new capabilities of Kinect will be shown at the ACM SIGCHI Conference from April 27th 2013.

Thanks CVG