Kinect Powered Virtual Museum Now Open in South Korea

New media entertainment company, d’strict, has pushed virtual reality to a new level with the “Live Park 4D World Tour,” a new virtual-museum theme park that has just opened in South Korea. What makes this park exceptionally innovative is that it uses Kinect sensors to detect visitor movements, voices and faces as part of the attractions.

The process involves all park visitors to wear RFID wristbands so they can be identified, while Kinect sensors detect their actions. Avatar’s are then created for interaction purposes which is portrayed using 3D video, holograms, and augmented reality technology. In total visitors can explore seven different entertainment zones to encounter extraterrestrial landscapes all screened on the world’s largest 360 degree stereoscopic theater with their avatars.

During the evening, the venue is transformed into a night club with DJs, and professional performance shows. The park is only placed in South Korea on a temporary basis for one year, and could eventually have a more permanent home in China.

(via GizMag)

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