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Kinect Star Wars WP7 App Out Now

Thanks to the Xbox Community Network in Europe we were able to try out the Kinect Star Wars App very early which was finally released today for Windows Phone 7 devices.

Having had a few teething problems in the early version, the new release today is available free from this direct link – but don’t go building your hopes up for something that links in with the video game. It’s more or less a Kinect Star Wars branded twitter and facebook app, but a very bad one at that!

Kinect Star Wars is the game that lets you feel the Force, as we recently reviewed and rated it 9/10, before it shortly became the UK’s number 1 game – and the first ever Kinect title to hit the top spot in the UK. This new WP7 app brings the Kinect Star Wars universe into your social networking world. With full access to your Facebook and Twitter accounts, you can even view your feeds in the style of the iconic Star Wars opening title sequence when you place the device on its side.

It’s just as well the Kinect Star Wars app is free since it does still have issues. Constant “Network Unavailable” messages, and blank screens in some parts where a gimmicky section of tweets from C-3PO and R2D2 are meant to appear. Posting messages to your twitter and facebook account can be done with ease, but shortly afterwards the device wants to use your email account to forward any issues encountered to the app’s developers.

It is a fun and geeky alternative to using the inbuilt Twitter and Facebook tools on your Windows Phone 7 device, but due to the apps issues and that it appears as just another form of advertising for the Kinect Video Game without any form of interaction or connection other than a name – I wouldn’t bother using it.

It’s a broken piece of crap, simple as that – but if you want to try it for yourself head on over to the link below, and hit the image for a collection of screenshots.…

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