Kinect Tech Lets You Try On New Clothes Without Leaving The House

Bodymetrics, a company that has created some new software called PrimeSense 3D, based on Kinect Technology will be revealing it at the CES 2012 event to show how people can use the software to try on clothing virtually without ever leaving their living rooms.

The kit which is still in the fine-tuning stages will work as a 3D Body Mapping tool that can scan a persons height, waist, and other features to clone you digitally. The body scanner uses eight PrimeSense 3D sensors to map the body’s full measurements and shape.

“When you walk into a clothing retailer or browse an online fashion site, they have no idea of your body size, shape or style,” Bodymetrics CEO Suran Goonatilake said in a press release. “Bodymetrics body-maps you within a few seconds and gets hundreds of accurate measurements and analytics of your shape. Then, we match this data to the exact dimensions of a garment and allow you to virtually try it on your own body to see whether it is too tight, too loose or just perfect.”

Final pricing (although expected around $150), shopping partner details and release information is expected to be revealed shortly.

Introducing Bodymetrics for Your Living Room from Razorfish – Emerging Experiences on Vimeo.

Source: Mashable

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