King Oddball wants to rule your Xbox

King Oddball

Do you get excited by physics puzzlers? You know the type. Fling a ball, grenade, bird, rock, whatever, in the hopes of hitting a specific target? If you do, you’re going to love the latest ID@Xbox title to hit the Store, King Oddball.

Developer, 10tons have been producing Xbox titles for a little while now, having delivered Sparkle 2, Crimsonland, Baseball Riot and Neon Chrome recently on the platform. Their latest offering looks just as whacky.

King Oddball is here to destroy the world. The premise of the game is very simple. End the world in a unique skill-based puzzle game. The titular King is suspended in the air, armed with an incredibly long and sticky tongue and three tough rocks. The tongue grabs a boudler and swings. Time your release by tapping a button. How hard can it be?

If your timing is right, you can crush as many targets as possible. Crush more than three of the earth-based enemy with one rock and you’ll be rewarded with an extra one to finish the job. Try to anticipate the roll and bounce of your rocks and aim for strategically-placed explosive crates to wreak havoc on the puny humans.

The game features intuitive, single button gameplay, more than 120 levels with many secret locations to conquer. Marvel at the eccentric art style and original Jonathan Geer music score.

Can you help King Oddball conquer the Earth with your rock-flinging skills, or is this the type of title you’ll end up flinging away?

King Oddball is available now on Xbox One, with a limited-time 10% saving on the normal price of £3.99. Will you be picking this up?

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