Konami announce PES 2017

Yearly football title announces yearly update in shock news

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Konami have announced PES 2017, I know, shocking.

The game will run on the same engine as lass year with a host of improvements, including:

Central to the new game is ‘Real Touch’, which authentically reproduces a wealth of ways to receive and control a pass. Different players use varying techniques and Real Touch mimics these using complex ball physics and subtle control nuances as the pass is met. The new system is then complemented with the advent of the new ‘Precise Pass’ system.

Precise Pass extends the Real Touch basis of using the ability of the player with the ball to determine the accuracy of each pass. The movement of the ball in relation to the position of the player and the intended target for the pass all contribute towards its accuracy, adding a genuine feeling of excitement when a defence is split with an inch-perfect ball.

More details can be found over on the PES 2017 website.

PES 2017

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