Krinkle Krusher announced for Xbox One


Brazilian developer, Ilusis Interactive Graphics, released their action tower defence game, Krinkle Krusher on the Sony platforms in Spring last year. Now, after looking enviously over at the shiny Microsoft platform, they’ve decided to release Krinkle Krusher on Xbox One, and it’s coming much sooner than you might think.

This take on the classic tower defence title changes the player’s role slightly, granting you the chance to cast spells to defend your kingdon from dangerous creatures called Krinkles. Where have these Krinkles come from though? Well, the Great Tree has finally borne fruit and the Krinkles are coming to eat it. The problem is, the Great Tree is now within your town walls.

Explore the kingdom in three distinct areas, the castle walls, the putrid swamp and the magical forest. Help the Mage and and his assistant, Gauntly to defend the 60 most vulnerable spots in the kingdom. Along the way you’ll battle huge boss Krinkles, discover many devastating spells and acquire gems to improve your deadly capabilities.

Krinkle Krusher is coming to Xbox One in February this year, possibly even as early as the 5th of February.

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