Large Black Market update comes to Black Ops 3

So the Black Market Vendor has been quiet for a little while but not any more, as one of the biggest Black Market content updates has just arrived. Featuring Epic Taunts, personalization items, and weapons, including a double barrel sniper rifle, what more could you ask for. A quick break down of the new update is as follows;

  • 3 BADASS GUNS – Peacekeeper MK2 assualt rifle, R70 Ajax 3D ammo-printing LMG and the DBSR-50 double barrel sniper rifle.
  • 2 NEW MELEE WEAPONS – Enforcer Shock Baton and Nunchucks
  • 9 NEW EPIC TAUNTS – More unique ways to taunt and celebrate your victories.

This content is now live and for a more definitive list check out the official site here, but if you fancy a little taster check out the awesome video below.

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