Latest Bungie Bounty released

Bungie have announced a return of their popular Bungie Bounty, which tasks Destiny multiplayer gamers with hunting down, and defeating, a select group of players. Upon completion of the bounty, the victors will receive a very rare emblem, to display their Control prowess in the Crucible.


This time it focuses on members of my very own clan, the Dames of Destiny, and teams up community managers Deej and Cozmo with Dames founder Bellebunny, and three deadly members of the Xbox One clan, missFortune 21, LouRou, and HG x Skyhigh.

Make sure to tune in on either the Dames or Bungie Twitch channels, and show your support, starting at 7pm BST/11am PST/2pm EST on Wednesday July 29.

Visit for more information.

This comes just after the Dames of Destiny celebrated 1,500 members, across all platforms, with a 24 hour stream focusing on various members of the Dames community. If you’re quick, you can still see the previous broadcasts on their Twitch.

Dames of Destiny is a clan focused on keeping a fun, safe, supportive, and positive gaming environment for all of the female gamers out there. The Dames also have an affiliate clan, SafeGamers, who provide a safe, fun, positive, respectful gaming environment for all gamer types.

If you are interested in joining either the Dames or SafeGamers, feel free to contact me, or visit their clan pages on

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