Leaked Titles from Ubisoft – EndWar Return and Two Assassin’s Creed’s

ubisoft leak list

An image of leaked logo’s for some of Ubisoft’s upcoming digital titles has appeared online and with it confirming that there are two Assassin’s Creed titles by the name of “Pirates” and “Liberation HD”; with the first not to be confused with Black Flag, and the latter an HD remake of the previously Vita exclusive!

Kotaku confirmed the titles as genuine with more information to come to light on Tuesday 10th September:

Our own Kirk Hamilton saw these games in San Francisco yesterday and was under embargo to not spill the beans until Tuesday. But someone (not Kirk!) leaked this image of the line-up online earlier today. We can confirm these games are coming from Ubi and we can promise you coverage of the coolest of these games on Tuesday.

There are also new versions of EndWar and Rayman, with previously confirmed titles such as Trials Frontier and Child of Light. The platforms for all games has not yet been revealed whether these are current or next-gen only games now either.

We’ll keep you posted.

Via Kotaku and A9VG

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