LeapTrade – The Trading Community for Gamers


LeapTrade is the new way to trade games with other gamer’s in the US. If you’ve never heard of them before, at Leaptrade you can trade in the games you’re done with and get games that are new to you, all for only the cost of shipping. You can request to get games from Leaptrade.com and even Trade-In to earn credit to be used towards other games! The idea is to Play More. Pay Less.

LeapTrade are not like other video game retailers and their goal is to save you money so you can play more games. They also offer all kinds of other benefits that you wouldn’t find anywhere else and the ability to trade retro titles from Master System, SNES, PS1, and even the good old SEGA Dreamcast!

LeapTrade is a trading community created by the individual contributions of all and they take great pride in the honesty and fairness of their users, but that being said, sometimes trades can go wrong and users never have to worry about losing out because of their solid Trade Guarantee Policy. This means that if you don’t receive the game you were promised or the game is broken, they will refund you the full credit value of the trade for peace of mind.

Thanks to LeapTrade for the recent competition in which lucky winners received Forza Horizon 2 and LeapTrade credit accounts.

♦ This post is intended to be an advertisement and was unpaid. ThisisXbox is not affiliated with LeapTrade & accept no loss or liability for LeapTrade activities

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