Leaving The Xbox 360 and Taking The Step Towards Xbox One

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My history with the Xbox 360 has spanned through eight great years together; despite burning through a few consoles before the newer Xbox 360 S (slim) launched which seems to have more stable hardware! I have forked out a few repair bills in the consoles earlier days. Despite my gripes with the infamous Red Ring of Death – I kind of accepted it as part of the console and kept on paying and playing!

In the winter of 2005 when I had completed three and a half years of accountancy studies I felt bored of my PlayStation 2, because I hardly gave it any time it deserved due to studying hard, and same with the (then) PlayStation Portable which I had imported from Japan in 2004. Console wise I’ve had many, and I will be totally honest with you that I was dying for a PlayStation 3 because I was just so used to having a PlayStation and that I didn’t own the original Xbox. With the PS3 looking a bit distant in 2005 and that my PS2 was just ancient to me, I was won over by the advertising for Xbox 360 and that very year with some family help I was able to spend £500.00 on the first Xbox 360. This was a lot of money considering it was the basic ‘CORE’ console without the HDD, but it was bundled with five games, a small 64mb Memory Card, extra controller and a headset. I had never ever played an online multiplayer game before, nor experienced anything in HD – I didn’t even own an HDTV in 2005!


The first game I played as soon as I got my Xbox 360 unboxed and hooked up to the 40inch widescreen backlit projector screen TV as they were back then in SD; I played TigerWoods PGA Tour 06 and was just blown away by the graphics in comparison to TigerWoods 05 which I had loved on the PS2 for so long. I was in awe, then Condemned, the original Need for Speed Most Wanted, King Kong and some other game I can’t even remember was literally played to death all night long. My love of Xbox 360 at that point in time was only just the beginning – something magical happened between my console and me, that first connection to Xbox LIVE was a spark between us. I decided that I must experience multiplayer gaming albeit that I was a little nervous about meeting random people over the internet on a gaming console. The idea of it seemed great, but I wasn’t all that sociable enough to be able to spark up conversation with people I wasn’t stood in front of! Although I don’t remember the exact details, I do remember thinking how remarkable it was to be able to just switch on my console and be hooked up to other people when entering a multiplayer lobby. I had many a happy few games of Tiger Woods 06 that Christmas, and then had a two week ban for swearing even though I was already on my second repair by that time!

In the new year of 2006 I was won over by Xbox 360 and just had to know everything and anything about the little machine. What games were coming out, what accessories I could purchase, and I googled “Xbox 360 News” that would eventually lead me to Xboxic.com a smartly designed news site that I kept returning to use. Following repeated returns and a few months of commenting on the news posts (I even remember my first comment, it was a reply to a user named STUDLEY UK) I joined their forums. I am known for being quite opinionated and in person quite dominant with my opinion and I contributed a lot to the forums and met some great online friends who were the first people I added to my Xbox LIVE Friends list. Even now, eight years on some are still active and I have met them in person. Xboxic was the very first community website I joined, the very first forums I participated in as well as the very first Xbox news site I read. I was encouraged by a friend I met on the forums to contribute to news and I then went on to become a really active news and reviews writer for the site for a few years before leaving in 2010 to start up ThisisXbox.com


2006 was also another great year for me for two reasons – Call of Duty 3 and HDTV. Everyone that knows me, knows how much I am a Call of Duty fan, but at the time of its launch in 2006 I wasn’t familiar with it and couldn’t afford it as I had spent my last remaining cash on Gears of War, so my sister bought Call of Duty 3 as an early Christmas gift. Going back to Gears of War I guess I was drawn into the marketing campaign and it was my most wanted game that year, it was also the first game I ever played in HD. Playing a game in HD felt like playing the 360 for the first time all over again, I had to go through my games collection to see the noticable difference in quality from SD to HD gaming. I was once again amazed and in love with my game collection! Now, with Call of Duty 3 – when I got round to starting it I really loved the campaign, but with multiplayer gaming I had never played anything so addictive. It was the most enjoyable game over Xbox LIVE and I devoted hours and hours into it. There were nights I didn’t even sleep and I just couldn’t stop.

The Call of Duty community in 2006 was not what it is now, the game was not as huge pre Modern Warfare era and almost everyone online was over the age of 18. There wasn’t a kid to be heard anywhere and the lobbies were sociable and very respectful in 2006. Players made an effort to communicate and the best parts of my life with an Xbox 360 have been on Call of Duty 3 during 2006 – 2007. No other game at that time mattered – I was 26 and was well and truly sucked into the Call of Duty world of gaming. I couldn’t throw enough money at it to buy every map pack and then the same with Call of Duty 2 because that too was still going strong with players. Although I still love Call of Duty and can not wait for Ghosts on Xbox One, I feel Microsoft has killed off some of the social aspects of the console by introducing Party Chat modes. Gamers don’t integrate anymore and friends tend to stick with friends in their own parties online. Come 2007 when Modern Warfare launched I am surprised I didn’t burst with excitement. It was ten times the game Call of Duty 3 wasn’t and taking it out of the WWII era was the best move Infinity Ward had ever made for their franchise.


Whilst I was still much an active member of Xboxic also in 2007, this was the year I started writing news posts and learnt quickly the importance of gaming PR, keeping up to date with everything on Xbox360 even if it’s not all able to become news, but I really got involved and stuck in with keeping Xboxic active news wise. Reviews didn’t come until later down the line, but I soon became an established writer on Xboxic and this lead to PR friends and getting known to the Xbox Community Network XCN (an opportunity headed by Graeme Boyd aka AceyBongo’s) which I have been part of since late 2008 or early 2009-ish. When I left Xboxic in 2010 and started ThisisXbox on September 6th, the XCN supported me in the change-over and have helped ThisisXbox become what it is now alongside the assistance from gaming PR reps who I had known through Xboxic.

Needless to say that also by 2007 when the PlayStation 3 was released, I did buy it on launch day but I was so established on Xbox 360 with a great list of friends that every time a multiplatform game was released I favoured the Xbox 360. My PS3 soon became just a Blu-Ray player for HD movies. It gathered dust and was left for dead on a shelf in another room.

Leaving Xboxic in 2010 was a hard decision to make. It was the first community I ever joined and the first site that allowed me to have such great opportunities with everything associated with the Xbox 360 from a gaming writers perspective. I didn’t like the site design, it was fast becoming aged, it appeared to get ad-filled – so I took all the ideas I had an created this very site. I have no regrets on that front, but I feel without Xboxic, the community of friends that I met on that site would not have made this site even possible. Everything I do now has stemmed from everything I learnt whilst with Xboxic. The consideration to join other sites was there having written for Technorati, GameStooge and others in the past, but I needed my own control and my own spin on a gaming news site.


I have reviewed hundreds of Xbox 360 games over the years and to ensure I can afford the Xbox One on launch day I made the decision to sell my Xbox 360 to help pay for it. I felt it was worth more now before the Xbox One launch because I could just imagine a ton of Xbox 360’s popping up on ebay when gamers realise they will not need their 360’s because they will soon be gathering dust. I am at this time of writing without a console, I have had to forward my review games onto other ThisisXbox reviewers and wrapping up Call of Duty Ghosts nearly had me in a flood of tears, but with just under two weeks now until Xbox One is in the shops… my time on Call of Duty on a brand new console will come soon enough and I really just can not wait!

I know that from the moment my Xbox One arrives I wouldn’t have been interested in anything Xbox 360 anyway. The 360 now was no loss to me, it was just a tool to review the 360 games which now are better off being sent to reviewers who are not yet taking the plunge to next-gen. I have seen and played Xbox One titles already through attending Eurogamer this year with my press pass, so I know what joy will behold come November 22nd. As the Xbox 360 was responsible for me getting involved in a community, eventual writing, site ownership, reivewing… I wonder what the next few years of Xbox One will bring for us all and if the wait for next gen will be another agonising eight years!

For me – personally, Titanfall looks set to revolutionise multiplayer in ways you never thought possible. Having experienced the game first hand, I am excited to see how this grows and evolves into a franchise of its own.

If you want to take a trip down memory lane, share your early memories of Xbox 360 in the comments box below…if you’re really bored!

Founder of ThisisXbox.com (owner from 2010 – 2014), now writer and reviewer with an interest in writing thriller fiction. Two addictions; Diet Coke and Call of Duty. All views expressed everywhere are my own and not that of my employer!

  • cubs223425

    I wasn’t as-fortunate to get mine in 2005. I got it for Christmas (actually got one from each parent, as they are bitter morons), but they were sold out, so I didn’t ACTUALLY get my console(s) until January of 2006. I loved playing this and that and the other thing (Halo, PGR, baseball, Gears, etc.). I remember blasting Underoath’s “You’re Ever So Inviting” while playing Gears in the basement. I remember skipping school the day of prom (which I didn’t so to, because that’s for cool kids) and playing games all day at my house with friends. I remember waiting in line for Halo 3’s Legendary Edition (colossal waste of money, but I still have the helmet).

    I think one of the biggest things, though, was when I got my 42″ HDTV (which I still have and use…am actually typing this with it as my monitor) and playing MLB 2K8 for the first time…it was SUCH a big deal. I also remember not knowing how HDTVs worked, so I didn’t understand why I got no audio. I thought the cables were broken, and I made my mom spend $40 on new ones. It wasn’t until I was talking to some random person at GameStop that I found out that it used the SD audio input, so I wasn’t plugging ANY audio in, haha.

    So much time spent with my 360, and it’ll be a bit longer, as I’m not ready for the One yet. I’ve still got probably a dozen or more games on the 360 I’ve either not finished or never even started, so I’ll get through as much of that stuff as I can first.

  • Slay

    Xbox one is a masterpiece.

  • psbox

    I remeber lining up at midnight with a couple of buds for an xbox360. Funny thing is I was never considering getting one since I was all into playstation. I took my newly purchased 360 and hooked it up at one in the morning and didn’t stop playing most wanted until three that morning. Having it hooked up to my 27″ hd sony wega was the best thing I had seen on my tv and the first real device that took advantage of the 720p on my tv. I loved it and still regret giving it away one drunk christmas night as a present to a friend. I almost cried the next morning when I didn’t see it in its place, I knew then it wasn’t a nightmare. I have preordered and paid in full for a ps4. I have lost confidence in MS and how they are handling the x1. I will wait before I jump back in.

  • Josserlips

    I remember sitting watching Stock locator websites in FEB 2006 and 2 became available at game with the Dead or Alive bundle. I had picked up a few games over the christmas ( Kameo, Perfect Dark Zero and NFS Most Wanted). And was pretty jealous of a friend who managed to pick an unopened one up from a woman who had panicked and preordered 2 from the for sale board in the local Tesco for the actual price. Also remember the easy 1000 gamerscore games from then (Fifa road to the world cup, Madden, NFS most wanted and King Kong).

    Really looking forward to Xbox One launch with 5 games coming with the machine (Dead Rising 3, Ryse, Forza 5, COD Ghosts and FIFA 14).


    Thats a very similar journey to myself. The first game I played was Project Gotham Racing 3 on my friends 360 and I was hooked straight away. About a week later I has scraped and begged my way to afford my 1st 360 which came bundled with Gears of War.

    My friends list is dominated by the friends I found at xboxic including yourself Jay! I spent hours on those forums, I think it may have been the reason I didn’t do too well at the company i was working for at the time 🙂

    I’ve decided to keep my 360 for a period of time, I’ve become too attached to it. It may be the 3rd one I’ve had, due to the RROD but its lasted a good 4/5 years without dying in me.

    I can’t wait for the Xbox one, I’ve got my appointment booked at Game tomorrow to go through my ore order and pay for it. I’ve also booked a week off work to play on it. Roll on the 22nd!

  • Nice – I’d have loved one from each parent haha. I know what you mean though about being unfinished on the 360 – I have so, so many games that now will never get finished.

    A few people have said to me they might get the ONE around Titanfall launch next Spring or wait for a price drop.

  • Most Wanted the original I thought was AMAZING! Working my way up through those 15 leaders took me months! Definitely better than the latest Most Wanted from Criterion, but I can’t argue that X1 has been handled wrong from MS.

  • PGR3 was more fun to me than Forza. I hope it returns on next-gen, I would love another PGR game!

    Yeah same with the friends list haha – I was lucky enough though at that time to be working for a family business, so I could do my duties as payroll and accounts around the forums 🙂 I must have spent hours and hours on them. Im sure I got into a few arguments here ‘n’ there too, but that really was a good forum. I think thanks to the rise of the popularity of social networks forums have pretty much been dying off everywhere.

    Oh I shall see you on the 22nd !!! I have a long weekend off, Friday 22nd to Tuesday 26th. Then well work will have to have on like 3hrs sleep every night haha.

    It’s going to be awesome!

  • Noni

    Microsoft hasn’t killed communication in COD because of party chat. Activison has turned the game into a childish and noobish game. The trend started after World at War. Black Ops 1 was the last truly well balanced, competitive game. Now COD doesn’t even feel like a war game. I feel guilty devoting hours and hours to it. Why? Its too easy and the gameplay is so shallow compared to what it once was.

  • cubs223425

    I’m the same, though not for the same reason. I’ll maybe get one in the late-spring or early-summer, as I graduate college (free time and money) and have a birthday (more money) around that time,

    That means I have plenty of time to finish these games. I have 2 whole Assassin’s Creed titles here (Brotherhood and Revelations) I haven’t even touched, and I am probably at least 5 games from even considering playing them, haha. I’m finishing this super-old MLB Front Office Manager, then on to the second half of BioShock 2 and Achievements for the first Borderlands.

  • cubs223425

    That really was a great game. I think I got stuck at #3 and never finished because Carbon came out, which I loved. I’ve contemplated picking it back up several times, but (as I said above), I have plenty of other stuff to play. That, and given the age of the Games with Gold offers, I keep expecting it to show up at some point.

  • I think thanks to almost all games on Xbox One coming out on 360 too it’s not like you could be missing all that much other than extra polished visuals really. Titanfall, Destiny, even they are hitting 360…

    I think it will be like for at least a year or two.

  • Free American

    I will NOT be buying the Xbox One in the foreseeable future. And that is saying something because I stood outside all night in an ice storm to get my first 360 on day one. I have since spent roughly $10k on six consoles, games, accessories, online service, DLC, etc… I have some classic games that I love and will not part with (entire Halo series, etc…). I don’t play them very often, but I really enjoy them when I do play them…like listening to some of my favorite older music. The lack of compatibility and cross-platform support for my gamertag is a HUGE minus. In addition, I have not had access to my account for almost THREE WEEKS now due to a screwup in Redmond that their support staff has been unable to fix despite repeated efforts. If they manage to repair my account I will not be spending another dime on Xbox until there is a game that I really want to play that is not available on the 360.

  • cubs223425

    I guess it just depends on which launch games you want. I’d like to play Dead Rising 3 (though I haven’t even started Dead Rising 2, which was free, and I never got the first), but that’s a One exclusive. I’d like to TRY Ryse (I keep hearing that the combat is dull), but that’s another One exclusive. Forza, of course, is only on the One.

    Then I think Zoo Tycoon will be cool, and while it’s on the 360, it sounds like it benefits well from the Kinect (which I don’t have and won’t buy this late in the game), and I’d imagine that the One’s visual advantages would matter a lot in a game with many close-ups on the animals.

    Thing is, Titanfall and Destiny are the only ones where I’m like “I WANT THAT,” and they’re not out soon. Even though they are on the 360, I don’t think I’d touch either on there. I don’t know if you played Defiance at all, but on the 360, it’s just overwhelming. The console can’t take an MMO, plain and simple. After you get about 10 people in an area, all of the character models revert to a generic one to help the console keep up, and when you get into an Arkfall (where you have LOOOOOTS of people attacking the boss), it’s a nightmare to play.

    I’ve not looked at Destiny at all, really, so IDK how MMO it or Titanfall really is, but after experiencing an MMO on the 360, I can safely say that I don’t want that experience to happen again, so I’d just wait for a One to touch those. The other cross-generation games (CoD, Battlefield, Assassin’s Creed) don’t have my attention (at least, not yet). There really haven’t been any games launched in 2013 where I really cared, which sucks.

  • BrootalBoot

    no thanks.