Legacy Control Designs Super Hero Character for This is Xbox

Javis Ray, the founder and creator of the webcomic – Legacy Control, is currently designing a character for thisisxbox.com to use as a mascot for the website and associated content with This is Xbox. Having chosen a Super Heroine (she’s not a Class A drug injecting user, but instead a female Super Hero for those confused), she will be known as TiX, and the final character design will be prominent across the site later this year.

Legacy Control, is a webcomic chronicling the antics of three friends. It’s about life, video games, pop culture, and all things geeky. It’s short on continuity and heavy on adult humor with strips updated on a regular basis. Last year, Kotaku readers chose Legacy Control over seven other contenders to be the new feature in their Sunday Comics roundup which has been a popular Kotaku feature for more than two years now. This is Xbox is excited to have Javis Ray design our mascot and we can’t wait to reveal her to all our readers.

Javis Ray who has said he’s been drawing since he was old enough to hold a pencil, launched Legacy Control in 2011 having created three unique characters: Aggro, NiCad, and Rabbit (aka Rab’s) – you can keep up with all their antics via this direct link.

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