LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Arrow DLC available now

LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Arrow DLC available now


I must admit to really enjoying the LEGO game franchise. Their quirky humour and fun but challenging gameplay seems to appeal to the child lurking somewhere in the depths of my tortured soul.

It comes as no surprise then, that I find the LEGO Batman series one of the most enjoyable from any already enjoyable set and now, it could be just that little bit more enjoyable with the release of the Arrow DLC pack.

This features yet another playboy billionaire (where do they get them from?) in the form of Green Arrow’s alter ago, Oliver Queen, who was stranded on an island with his only goal to survive. He’s not on his own though, joined by Arrow series favourites, Slade Wilson, Malcolm Merlyn and Black Canary amongst others. The good news for fans of the TV series, Green Arrow, is that Arrow himself is voiced by Stephen Amell, who also appeared in Injustice: Gods Among Us as Arrow.

The Arrow DLC is available now as a separate download or as part of the Season Pass for the title.

Check out the trailer for the DLC below.