LEGO Jurassic World Review

Do you remember the first film you saw at the cinema? Mine was Jurassic Park, it was brilliant, my old man grabbed my leg during one of the ’scarier’ scenes and I also fainted with fear! 12 years later and LEGO Jurassic World gets its release to tie in with the latest blockbuster, Jurassic World. We all know the LEGO games are fun, but let’s face it, they are pretty repetitive. Would there be a way for this game to buck that trend? Ultimately no, but it still has some charming features that make it worthwhile playing through.

LEGO Jurassic World takes you through all of the franchises films, after a quick introductory level, you start at a helipad with a choice to turn left for Jurassic Park and right for Jurassic World, as you would expect, there is plenty to explore. There was something special about getting in the Jurassic Park Jeep for the first time and it’s not long before you encounter your first LEGO Puzzle, where you need to open the main gates, but a part is missing.

For those for you who haven’t played any LEGO games before, solving puzzles is fairly simple, after all these games are aimed at children. Most of the time you’ll need to smash your way around a level to look for something to build, or a certain character will need to complete a certain action. Throughout the LEGO series this has never changed, in LEGO JW, specific characters can dig for hidden objects whereas others can dive into dinosaur poo to retrieve objects as well (I can’t believe I’ve just written dinosaur poo in a review). There are plenty of QTE’s throughout the games and a lot of button mashing is required to fight of dinosaurs or unlock different areas of the game.


Pretty much every character from the film is available for you to play as, complete with their own abilities to get you through the game, whether it’s that annoying child at the beginning of Jurassic Park, through to Samuel L. Jackson, Chris Pratt and Jeff Goldblum. Rather weirdly, each of the characters voices have directly lifted from the films and loaded into the game. It’s a great idea in theory as its adds a level of authenticity, but there has been no editing of the sound so the voices always sound a bit out of place, it’s a nice idea though. As well as playing as the human characters, the game allows you to play as the dinosaurs too, it’s just a shame that they need to be unlocked by finding a hidden amber object in each of the levels. Once you have unlocked them you are able to run around smashing through object the normal characters can’t.

All of the classic scenes from the films are there for you to play through and it brings back huge waves of nostalgia, my favourite is still the first time the tour encounters the T-Rex and the game does an awesome job of recreating it in Lego form. All of the death scenes are really well handles too, characters are never killed, and instead they end up in comedy scenario. In the opening scene of the game, the first death results in one of the works losing all of his clothes, cue manic laughter from my six-year old. Dying has never been a thing in the LEGO games, you just loses studs and carry on as normal, it makes me wonder why they even bother having hearts to lose in the game.


Exploring the islands certainly isn’t as much fun, evidence of that was watching my son play, he just wanted to get to the action and was getting frustrated that he couldn’t do so quickly. He was though, a huge fan of Mr. DNA. Every time the game hit a loading screen there are lots of dinosaur facts to take in, which was a really neat idea.
Visually the game is exactly what you would expect from the LEGO games, all of the different characters likenesses are superb, and all of the different levels look great. The audio is a bit of a mixed bag, I can get on with the voices of the characters and when the Jurassic Park thee boomed through my headset I genuinely got goosebumps as it brought all my memories back of the films, but for some reason it’s been decided that they should completely over use this to celebrate all your achievements in game, fill out the stud counter, cue music, end a level, cue music. It wasn’t long before I wasn’t so fussed about hearing the score any more.

As much as we had fun playing LEGO Jurassic World, I can’t help myself getting tired of the LEGO games, nothing really changes apart from the theme of the game. You’ll get through the levels in about 9 hours and there is plenty of exploring to do beyond that if that’s your thing, the achievements are as you would expect from the LEGO games, and the names of the achievements are well thought out as normal. It’s not perfect and there are plenty of bugs that will see you having to restart levels, such as getting characters stuck. But if Jurassic Park has been part of your life then it’s hard not to want to play this.

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