Leo’s Fortune review

Leo’s Fortune review

Leo’s Fortune is a fairly predictable physics platformer but one that’s made the transition from mobile platforms to console splendidly thanks to a charming protagonist and aesthetic and well designed levels. Furthermore, Leo’s Fortune has a slightly more involved story than you usually find from the genre, which all comes together to offer an unspectacular but still highly enjoyable little adventure.

You take control of an adorable, moustached ball of fluff called Leopold, who’s amassed a fortune and suddenly lost it to thieves. He suspects members of his family, who have fallen on hard times of late and eyed Leopard’s fortune with envy. So Leo sets out, following a trail of coins left by the thief, visiting his family members in their unique locations and uncovering the truth behind the lost fortune. It’s a compelling enough tale to set the scene and explore morals around thievery, envy and suspicion, all tied together in five acts across a nice variety of locales, such as Cousin Victor’s rain-soaked port, and the desert ruins of Aunt Olga’s cities.

Leo's Fotune 1

Each level is a cleverly designed set of physics and platforming puzzles for Leo to manoeuvre through. By flattening himself Leo can squeeze through gaps and add weight to his form to push on physics objects, meanwhile the ability to inflate allows him to jump, float over chasms and otherwise interact with the world. Deadly traps and hazardous environments pose a threat at every turn and gradually challenge you to better use Leo’s morphing abilities to pass through unscathed, truly testing your mastery towards the end. Fortunately generous checkpoints and bite-sized levels makes the challenge fun and keeps location variety to a nice even pace.

Wonderfully detailed levels with terrific lighting make the adventure a visual treat, meanwhile the cute ball of fluff that is Leopold looks equally detailed and sports a surprisingly large amount of character thanks to great voice acting between levels and endearing mutterings during play, such as the delightful squeal he makes as he flies through the air after a dead-defying jump. The controls are also superbly responsive, making the platforming natural and fast paced.

Leo's Fotune 2

As with many titles of this ilk, a three star rating is achieved at the end of each level based on completion time, damage taken and coins collected, encouraging replay from completionists and unlocking special bonus levels that prove to be fun asides. Fortunately there’s no criteria for unlocking the next level beyond completing the previous, so the rating is more an extra challenge than a requirement.

Leo’s Fortune’s manipulation of physics objects, dashing through tunnels and floating past hazards is fast paced, cleverly designed and visually attractive, bringing back nostalgic memories of the best Sonic games whilst clearly defining itself as an original title. It is, however, over a bit too quickly, but if wanting more of a title is the worst it can do then it’s obvious the core experience is a winning one; bring on a sequel.

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