Life Is Strange is not Out of Time


It seems like ages ago that I reviewed the promising start to Life is Strange. Episode 1, Chrysalis was just the beginning of Max Caulfield’s story and while it was a solid stepping stone, a great beginning, it did lack in a few departments. Now, Dontnod and Square Enix are almost ready to release Episode 2, Out of Time and they’ve released a new trailer to publicise it.

In this new episode, you will start to see many of your choices affecting the story in a lot of different ways. The developers have promised some surprises. New locations will also be available to Max, outside of Arcadia Bay’s Blackwell Academy.

Take the opportunity to learn about the town and it’s inhabitants as new characters are introduced and even more difficult choices are there to be made.

Life is Strange; Episode 2: Out of Time is out on the 24th of March, available separately to those who have already bought Episode 1 or through the Season Pass.

Here’s that trailer.

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