Limited Edition White 4GB Xbox 360 With White Kinect Bundle

If you are sat looking at your sleek Xbox 360 S console in Black, and wishing it was white (there must be some of you out there) we can’t be the only ones? SURPRISE!! A shiny, sexy, glossy white bundle is available for a limited time only.

The new Xbox 360 Special Edition 4GB Kinect bundle will be available from February 28th in US, Canada, Mexico, Asia, Australia, Japan, Columbia and Chile. The consoles will be available across Europe on 4th May 2012.

The bundle includes a special edition glossy white Xbox 360 4GB console, glossy white Kinect sensor, glossy white Xbox 360 wireless controller, Kinect Sports and Kinect Adventures, and a three month subscription to Xbox LIVE Gold. This is the latest in the line of special edition consoles that lets you personalise your home entertainment system and well, look cool.

The bundle will only be produced in limited quantities and therefore will only be available for a limited amount of time. This is not to be confused with the Kinect Star Wars Edition which will also include a white Kinect Sensor and a part White console.

The White Limited Edition 4GB Bundle will be priced £249.99 in the UK

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