Little Nightmares will be had on Xbox One

Coming April 28, Little Nightmares’ Six is trapped in ‘The Maw’. Armed with nothing but a lighter, can you help guide Six past the darkness and the residents of The Maw and back to safety?

Riffing off of the style of Limbo and Unravel, Six must engage in a game of hide and seek, interspersed with puzzles where each room you have to navigate is a cell, and each resident is a potential threat – a series of Little Nightmares to solve.

The animation is superb – and the residents look like they would be quite at home in the world of The Nightmare before Christmas.

The ‘Six Edition’ is a digital exclusive for pre-orders or available at GAME in the UK – and includes the Scarecrow Sack and the Upside-down Teapot Masks, which can be used so that Six can blend in with the world of The Maw. Meanwhile, the physical edition will include the soundtrack, and for the Six Edition, a 10cm figurine, poster and sticker board.


Check out the new trailer below.

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