Livelock announced for Xbox One


Neverwinter publisher, Perfect World Entertainment have announced that they will be bringing Tuque Games’ first venture to Xbox One in 2016. Titled Livelock, the game will transport players to the 22nd Century, an age of machines.

Humanity is on the brink of survival after a cataclysm and clusters of corrupt machines control whatever remains inhabitable on Earth. In-fighting reigns as they try to control much needed resources in an infinite war. You take control of Capital Intellect, a human consciousness uploaded into a large, powerful mechanical body.

Armed with a variety of weapons and special abilities, Capital Intellect must destroy the corrupt machine clusters and break the cycle before humanity is forgotten, lost to the annals of history.

The game will primarily be a top-down shooter, promising sharp combat and fast-paced action when it hits console sometime in 2016.